Feb. 21st, 2011

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I have come to the sad realization that my WIPs folder really contains very little in the way of PWP and/or short-and-porny prompts/ideas/fics of any kind. As I procrastinate on my longer, plottier WIPs by writing porn, this is a PROBLEM, of the highest order. SO.

With this in mind; PROMPTS PLEASE? =D?

I'm mostly looking for Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, but y'all know basically what I write, I guess.

Also willing to write MCR, Panic!, etc (no Brendon/Ryan, thanks), and for those of you not even in western media, I feel like I could probably do Petshop of Horrors (WTF am I saying? I would LOVE to do Petshop of Horrors!) and maybe Gundam Wing or HikaGo? The usual pairings, you all know what's up. <3

Um. I should also say that I'm not guaranteeing fics for anything? I'm woefully bad at that. But I'm in serious need of prompts, so. NOW IS THE TIME, IF YOU EVER WANTED ME TO WRITE SOMETHING. >.>;;;
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Because Twitter was not the ideal environment for this sort of discussion topic...

Safe Sex & Porn

Readers, what is YOUR take on the topic of safe-sex practices in porn? (Fic porn, filmed porn, whatever.) Does it turn you on/off? What about a distinct LACK of safe-sex practices in your porn? Do you sit there thinking, No condom?? >:( or UNF. I WILL BE IN MY BUNK!? Are certain unsafe-sex practices kinks and others total turn-offs? Is it sexy when Character A says "I forgot the condoms" and Character B says "Do it anyway", or do you cringe and hit the back button?

LET US TALK ABOUT WHAT TURNS US ON. FOR ~*SCIENCE*~! (Or, y'know, just because it's fun. XD )

My two cents... )

(Please feel free to discuss/debate/talk about your differing opinions. I trust you guys to respect each other, and each other's kinks! <3 )

ETA: Hi there, metafandomers! You're more than welcome to throw your two cents in! Additionally, this post is mirrored on LJ here, if you are interested in the comments there, or prefer commenting on LJ. <3


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