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After seeing the TAI... show last night and actually getting to meet Mike, I am overcome with the need to show my love in a non-fourth-wall-breaking, non-creeptastic sort of way. SO! A picspam. Because the world needs to be aware that Mike Carden is a hugely adorable dork. <3
(Actual picspam is on my fic journal; sorry for the crossposting, those of you who are following both + [ profile] sodamnskippy!)

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Last night, [ profile] zeenell, [ profile] psuedo_catalyst and I saw The Academy Is... in Portland, Maine, and it was maybe one of the best concerts I've been to. The venue was smaller than my apartment, and we were basically in the second/third row from the stage? Despite sitting with the parents for both of the openers. YEAH. Plus, we were on the Carden side of the stage, so I got to spend the show probably-not-so-sekritly admiring his Carden-ness. From about two feet away.

Guys, Mike really does have the dorkiest smile ever. Also he doesn't stand still on stage for more than a couple of seconds, and is clearly at least in guy-love with everyone in his band.

Ramblings about how awesome TAI... is under here! \0/ )

Okay, so now the bit everyone is actually here for: Pictures! \0/ Like I said, my pics with Mike (T____T) and Sisky (also T___T ) didn't come out, but my pic with Bill did, so yay! for that. =D And, y'know, I took all the other ones, so it's like I'm there in spirit. *gets her Tom Conrad on* Mostly the lighting was just really bad. Damn you, rotation of the Earth!! *shakes fist* But I tried to lighten these up in Photoshop enough that you can see them.

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Post is public for the moment, but please don't swipe pics for re-posting anywhere, unless of course you are featured in said pictures. XD

OH SHIT I ALMOST FORGOT! Check out the ridiculously awesome ISWC membership card [ profile] psuedo_catalyst made me!!! Isn't it the most amazing thing in the history of things??

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Title: Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious)
Fandom: Bandom (MCR) / American Idol 8
Author: [ profile] solar_cat
Pairing: Adam/Kris pre-slash (with hints of Adam/Kris/Katy?), Frank/Gerard stage!(?)gay (No, seriously, no one has any actual sex so I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS. D= )
Rating: PG-13.
Wordcount: ~3,200
Warnings: Highly unrealistic. This would never actually happen. Like, really, never.

Summary: In which Gerard Way takes a stand against discrimination, Adam Lambert discovers the importance of dice, Kris Allen is not kidnapped against his will, and the folks at 19E learn to love the stage!(?)gay. Welcome to the Zombies Ate Your Idols tour, 2010!

Notes: Huge THANK YOU!!! to [ profile] zeenell and [ profile] b_dsaint for their truly phenomenal beta work, without which this fic would be even MORE implausible and ridiculous. <3!

[[Cross-posted to [ profile] idolslash and [ profile] bandslashmania]]

Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious)
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I wrote more fic! And yes, I have committed bandom again. I will repent of my sins... um... someday? XD

Title: Spyro! (Or, The One Where Spencer is a Small Purple Dragon)
Author: [profile] solar_cat
Fandom: Bandom: PATD/TYV, FoB, tiny amounts of CS and TAI.
Pairing: PATD/TYV GSF, minor Pete/Patrick, hints of Gabe/William
Rating: PG
Wordcount: ~9,000
Warnings: Ridiculousness. Author who has read too much Discworld. Scarves?

Summary: It took Spencer approximately five seconds to realize he had wings.

Notes: This fic is entirely [profile] monroe_nell's fault. She commented on Twitter about how the shorthand for Spencer/Ryan was "Spyro", which only made her think about the video games. To which I replied, well, obviously Spencer Smith is a small purple dragon! And then suddenly I was writing this fic. XD Except, of course, I'm a huge Spencer/Brendon shipper, so my only recourse was to make it GSF. Sorry, "Spyro" OTP-ers! XD Remarkably, I have written self-indulgent fic with a plot! I am amazed at myself! \0/

HUGE thanks go out to [profile] monroe_nell and [personal profile] sansets for their endless enthusiasm for this fic! I couldn't have done it without you! <333


Which means I get to do THIS:

23772 / 50000 words. 48% done!

WHOOO-HOOO!!!!\0/ \0/ \0/ I BROKE 20k!!!! HELL YES!!! \0/ \0/ \0/
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That's right. I committed bandom fic. *hangs head* Well, no going back now.

Title: Vampires Will Never Hurt You (But I Make No Promises About Zombies)
Author: [ profile] solar_cat
Fandom: Bandom | MCR
Pairing: Frank/Gerard pre-slash
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1420
Warnings: None that I can think of. Elementary school!AU? Is that a warning?

Summary: Gerard clenches his fists tighter. "It's a disease," he says defensively.

Notes: So I had this idea for a fic where Gerard and Frank are in elementary school and Gerard has this disease that makes him kind of like a vampire, but Frank thinks it's kind of cool and also Gerard draws pictures of zombie massacres. This would be that fic. XD Great liberties have been taken with the fabric of reality. Many, many thanks to [ profile] monroe_nell for the encouragement and for looking this over for me! <3

Seriously, you should watch out for zombies...

And hey, combining posts!

14772 / 50000 words. 30% done!
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I am taking a break to read Big Bang fic. I am not admitting which BB, for reasons of personal safety. XD (Well, okay, the tags rather give it away, actually.)

But if I don't reply to you on the meta post right away, that would be why. I promise I will do my best to respond to stuff later on!




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