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Last night, [ profile] zeenell, [ profile] psuedo_catalyst and I saw The Academy Is... in Portland, Maine, and it was maybe one of the best concerts I've been to. The venue was smaller than my apartment, and we were basically in the second/third row from the stage? Despite sitting with the parents for both of the openers. YEAH. Plus, we were on the Carden side of the stage, so I got to spend the show probably-not-so-sekritly admiring his Carden-ness. From about two feet away.

Guys, Mike really does have the dorkiest smile ever. Also he doesn't stand still on stage for more than a couple of seconds, and is clearly at least in guy-love with everyone in his band.

Actually, they are all in guy-love, seriously, they adore each other and it's totally obvious in the stage show, which made it so much cooler. It's really obvious that these guys love each other, love what they do, and are up there having just as much fun as we're having watching them. Also, whoever wrote that primer and said there is no better job for William Beckett than "rock star"? COMPLETELY CORRECT. I don't even know, honestly, all of them have great stage presence and they were all being ridiculous with each other, it was great. (We had to pause the concert for a second because Butcher had belched into the microphone and it was necessary to talk about it. <3 )

In other Mike-related news, I didn't really get any awesome shots of him worth posting (someday I will bring an actual camera/flip video thing/SOMETHING, I swear to god), however, it should be noted that he was wearing that same "You'll Never Walk Alone" shirt from the... Fall Ball? I think? pictures. However, when he came off the bus to sign autographs and take pictures and stuff, he was wearing different shirt. (If he left Beckett to deal with the crowd while he fucked off to take a shower or something, I will lolz forever. XD )

ANYWAY, they hung around outside their tour bus for at least an hour taking pictures and talking with fans. We got some stuff signed (including my "this is not my heart" t-shirt, which makes me giddy in ways no one who is not beta-reading my fic could possibly understand) and took pictures (though none of mine except the one with Bill came out, which makes me sad until I look at my shirt again... XD ), and talked to the guys.

They are SO classy, you guys. There was this huge crowd of fans, mostly 13-16, I think? Some older fans, too, but a lot of younger ones, and for a long time Bill was the ONLY PERSON out there. He was so incredibly nice, even when people were being creepers (and they were, believe me), and he took the time to actually talk to people, even though there was this whole line behind them. Basically, William Beckett is a gentleman, and is very good to his fans.

The Butcher came out for a while then disappeared again, Chislett was outside for a little while early on, then disappeared. (I don't know if either of them came back after we left, though.) Bill opened the door of the bus and made sort of a 0_0! =D face at the crowd that had already gathered, then stood around for at least the next hour talking to everyone. Part of the way through that, Siska came out and diverted part of the crowd away from Bill, and then those of us who had already talked to Bill and were hanging around were treated to Mike coming out to join us.

He really IS sort of chatty in person, and very sweet. And his laugh is so dorky. I don't even know. Basically I ♥ Mike Carden, for ever and ever and ever. And I got to hug him, so right now I'm in my happy fangirl place. He shall never know what I spend my free time writing about him. >.>;;; It's pretty obvious that he's kind of a goofball, actually. He walked by the line when we were waiting outside the venue for the doors to open, doing this ridiculous walk (it was like some kind of monkey impersonation, I swear), and the couple of times he talked on stage were mostly to ominously threaten Bill with revenge for embarrassing him (he was talking about Shit Carden Says). It was all very adorable.

Additionally, it should be noted that Adam T. Siska? Is a HOTASS. JFC. Like, in pictures he's cute and all, but in real life? Siska is hot. <333 (And easily distracted, but that only made it better, really. XD )

Okay, so now the bit everyone is actually here for: Pictures! \0/ Like I said, my pics with Mike (T____T) and Sisky (also T___T ) didn't come out, but my pic with Bill did, so yay! for that. =D And, y'know, I took all the other ones, so it's like I'm there in spirit. *gets her Tom Conrad on* Mostly the lighting was just really bad. Damn you, rotation of the Earth!! *shakes fist* But I tried to lighten these up in Photoshop enough that you can see them.

Me with Bill:

[ profile] psuedo_catalyst with Bill:

[ profile] psuedo_catalyst with Sisky:

[ profile] psuedo_catalyst with Mike:

[ profile] zeenell with Bill:

[ profile] zeenell with Sisky:

[ profile] zeenell with Mike:

Post is public for the moment, but please don't swipe pics for re-posting anywhere, unless of course you are featured in said pictures. XD

OH SHIT I ALMOST FORGOT! Check out the ridiculously awesome ISWC membership card [ profile] psuedo_catalyst made me!!! Isn't it the most amazing thing in the history of things??



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