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because my dear [personal profile] ipreferaviators requested hockey fic recs, but no primers. I have thus defaulted to pretty much a list of links what you should click. >.>;;;


Sidney Crosby/Evgeni "Geno" Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) | Primarily for the times you need some adorable pining, oblivious boys, interfering friends (who all happen to be Russian), etc. The epic tale of a Canadian hockey robot and the goofy Russian puppy who loves him. <3 (I think the warnings on this one are a bit -- too warning-y? I was almost scared off, and then I read it and was like, ??? o_0? YMMV, of course!)

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)/Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) | Supposedly "rivals", awesome hockey players, polar opposites. Somehow it... works? (<-- MUST READ.)

Eric Staal/Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricanes) | The Captain and The Rookie. Go-to for the long AUs full of pining. (Pining may be a ~thing~, shut up.) Some power imbalance issues, but mainly the ones that make them go, "But I CAN'T, it would be WRONG! :( " and then their teammates/friends/brothers do a lot of eyerolling.


AUs: (the nanny!Jeff fic) (the runaway!Jeff fic)

Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks) | BFFs who might possibly bone a lot, in between fighting about how much the other one sucks at life and shit. Also it's TAEVES, not TOES, tyvm. Buddyfucking, a decent amount of pining when they are buddies who WANT to be fucking instead of just doing it, stupid boys being stupid, a smattering of kidfic. We love their stupid faces, except when we hate them.

...aaaaand I'm stopping there because that should take a while to get through. :)
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I'm in a weird mood, f-list. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or just feeling oddly depressed (either would be sad, but especially the last, because how can I be depressed during ~*PRIDE*~!? D= ), but in any case, I'm kind of blah at the moment.

I need your help.

Rec me something lovely.

I'm sure most of you are at least somewhat aware of my fandom/shipping preferences, so I won't bother listing everything (plus that would take a lot of time). Indulge my recent JoBros/Kradam/Bandom obsessions, or link me to your favorite Due South feel-good fic that's been around for a decade or more. I want your old jeans fic, your oversized, fuzzy sweater fic, your sweatpants-and-Ben&Jerry's fic. What's the bookmark you click when you need a little bit of happy? (And yes, 50k+ fics still count as "a little bit of happy".)

Please no: heavy angst/no-happy-ending fic, BDSM (just not in the mood), character death, similarly depressing things. I would assume this would be covered under "happy", but this is fandom. XD

And, since fair's fair, here's my Fuzzy Sweater Fic:

A Picture of Home by Wendi (Clark/Lex)

Lex-in-jeans! The mouse! The hat! It's just a cuddly, happy sort of fic. I love it. <3
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(Look how I still don't have a Star Trek icon! Now it's almost becoming a point of pride. I worry about myself. >.>)

Okay, so here's the thing. I am a WIP hater. Mostly, I will admit, because I always doubt that the author plans to actually finish the story (no, I'm not projecting, why would you say tha--- oh. right. *ahem*). But these are two WIPs from two authors who have proven themselves reliable. And the fics are so good that even if for some strange reason (meteor strike, zombie apocalypse, what-have-you) they're never finished, they will STILL HAVE BEEN WORTH STALKING. <3

So here we go!

Two Amazing WIPs You Should Be Stalking Like Crazy )

So there you go! Now get to stalking, people! Go, go!! \0/
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I promised, and so I shall deliver. ^^

Eliot Fics! Yay! )

In other news, I need Leverage icons. >.>
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(I swear I will write that post about my awesome weekend and how awesome it was. Just... later. This first!)

A geometry for spirits by [ profile] aesc
Castiel/Dean, PG13, spoilers for 4x16: On the Head of a Pin

Reasons for Rec are Kinda Spoilery, so Under the Cut )

Fic is here:

You read now. =3
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Instead of getting to work early this morning, I decided to read fic! Yay! *is now stuck at work until 6:15, but is okay with this*

I've got a couple of insta-recs for you, my dear f-list, as a result of my failure to be punctual!

Wherein Colin is Bradley's Baby-Momma by [ profile] ifyouweremine
Summary: “My super-potent sperm has knocked up Colin’s man-uterus with a demon child or possibly a ginger. Please help!” said Bradley.
Why the Rec? Because this is JUST AS MUCH CRACK AS YOU WOULD GUESS FROM THE TITLE AND SUMMARY, OKAY?? I seriously nearly fell off my couch laughing. This is excellent crack, and a fine pick-me-up for anyone with a 'case of the Mondays'. The bit with Colin's mum was fantastic! XDDD

Teaching the Indie Kids to Joust Again by [ profile] bookshop
Summary: ~ If the Mountain will not go to the sea then the river must bring them together.~
Why the Rec? One, it's [ profile] bookshop, whose posts never fail to bring joy to my life. Two, it's both Colin/Bradley AND Merlin/Arthur. Three, the styling of the fic is amazing. And Four, not only is it long and squee-filled, it also manages to fit some seriousness in there, just at the edges, and just enough that the stuff that happens between Colin and Bradley is meaningful. I love this fic, like, an unholy amount. The soul of my firstborn belongs to this fic, now. <3

Also, I should announce--BE PREPARED, f-list!! For this here post is my 999th on this journal! And you're in for a special treat for my 1,000th post. Ohhhhh, yes. I had all sorts of plans for my 1,000th post, but they have been thrown into disarray and LULZ, and I plan to share the LULZ with you. Because I love you, f-listers. All because I love you. <3
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Guys. Guys.

If you haven't already, you should go read [ profile] flamebyrd's The Stars With You (Anytime), RIGHT NOW.

It is a Merlin space AU. Uh-huh. And it's awesome. Really, really awesome. The AU-ing of the canon is done so well; it's pretty much exactly like what Merlin would be, if it happened to be a futuristic sci-fi show instead of a semi-historical fantasy show. Also, Lancelot FTW. <3

Go! Read! \0/
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Here's the next big chunk of my SPN recs fest!

These are all Dean/Castiel, with a high chance of whumpage, fallen!Cas, h/c, angsty!Dean, and ridiculously hot angel-human sexxings. =3

Away we go!

I am NOT warning for spoilers, so assume that any of these fics may contain spoilers up through episode 4x14!

Dean/Castiel Recs! )

And, once again, to round it out, a vid rec! \0/

Title: Rescue
Vidder: castiel666 (does anyone know if this vidder is on LJ??)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Music: "Rescue" by Seabird
Warnings: *wibble*
Why the Rec?: I love this vid. There are a couple of moments that I don't like on a technical level, but overall? This turns me into a wibbly pile of Dean/Cas love (with a side order of Waaaaah! Sammy!! Dean!! ;_; , which is really par for the course, though). Just, YES. This is exactly it. <3
I found this vid on YouTube, and I have no idea if it is available elsewhere, so I am providing the YT link and I have also personally uploaded a .avi version for downloading. If anyone knows where this vid may be available from the original creator, please let me know! I did NOT make this vid, and I take no credit for it. I'm just uploading For Great Justice. ...And great Dean/Cas love. XD ) (watch in High Quality!! Do it!!)
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As I have stated previously, I have a serious kink for epic-length, non-AU J2 fics, and especially first-time fic, so that's the focus of this recs set. I've got some shorter, fluffy/domestic fics to rec, too, but I've got waaaaaay too many fics to rec, so I'm splitting them into a couple of posts. XD

Recs are in no particular order!

J2 Non-AU Epic-Length Recs! )

And, to round it out, one vid rec! (Since I promised everyone today that I'd link them to the vid. XDDD )

Title: I Fell in Love
Vidder: [ profile] proofpudding
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Music: "Here in Your Arms" by hellogoodbye
Warnings: Beware this vid. It will pimp you into J2, all by itself. <333!
Why the Rec?: It's a vid of Jared and Jensen, being Jared and Jensen. In other words, this is the epic tale of two boys in love. Bouncy, happy, catchy, endlessly re-watchable. And the perfect pimping vid for those J2 doubters on your f-list. XD
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First up, an insta-rec that had to wait until I got home from work:

Practical Volitation by [ profile] allothi
Summary: Merlin learns to fly. (Literally).
(Merlin/Arthur, PG, 8500 words, spoilers through 1x13)

If you have not read this fic yet? Go read it right now. I've read some amazing Merlin fic. I've read Merlin fic that made me laugh my ass off, and I've read Merlin fics that made me want to cry. This one made me die of cute. The amount of adorable contained within this fic defies all rules of logic and physics and is possibly tearing a hole in space-time. It is relentlessly happy, and and even the tension is happy and adorable. I giggled and smiled and squeed my way through the whole thing. It is <3, my friends. <3.

And a rec some of you were too impatient to wait for:

Incurable by [ profile] warholhp
Summary: Non-Magic AU. Harry Potter was not sent to Hogwarts at age 11 as his parents intended. Instead, when an altercation with his uncle turns violent, he is sent to St. Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. Four years later, he takes the opportunity to attend Hogwarts, where he learns to live a life he never thought possible for himself. H/D and mentor!Snape.
(Harry/Draco, NC-17, ridonkulously long, basic knowledge will do 'ya)

This is that HP fic that I was having a blissful moment about the other night. It is, as the summary says, a non-magic AU, and it's done well. This is a fantastic AU, guys. Really, really fantastic. [ profile] warholhp takes familiar canon elements and twists them in fun and interesting ways; the world is both instantly recognizable and new and fresh at the same time. The fic also does something I love, which is deal with the fact that Harry was an abused child. [ profile] warholhp kicks up the level of abuse from what was present in the books (let's face it, they wouldn't have let JK go there), but it also deals with it, and not in the way that so many inferior authors do, by having a big crying session and Healing!Sex. The resolution is long, messy, and wrenching, and I was utterly transfixed the whole time. Definitely worth the hours required to get through it.
A small note: You can follow along by following the links to the next chapter that are included in each, but at one point the link didn't work for me. [ profile] warholhp has, however, helpfully provided a link to the Memories section where all the chapters can be found, so all you have to do is go there and pick the next chapter.
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I've been bookmarking some things to rec, and it seems like a good time to do it!

Recs sorted by fandom, and then in an arbitrary order, otherwise known as "the order they show up in my bookmarks in".

Fandoms include Merlin, Supernatural, NCIS, The Dresden Files, and miscellaneous Yuletide recs.

Recs to Ring In the Year )
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I once again recommend to you, for your holiday enjoyment, Keep the Spirits, otherwise known as "The Infamous Bob Cratchit/Nephew Fred Fic".

Enjoy, my dear friends. Enjoy. <3
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So, as a side-effect of being unemployed, I've managed to read a truly scandalous amount of fic lately. Some of that fic has been really, really good, so I thought it was time for a recs post. Here I bring you Round 1 (hopefully "Round ONLY") of "SolarCat's Unemployment Fic Recs!"

A lot of these are long, they're from a hodgepodge of various fandoms, and some of them are years old. I'm reccing them anyway. Hopefully you'll find something good to read, dear f-list. Recs are under the cut, sorted by fandom (NCIS, Supernatural RPS, Entourage, A Knight's Tale, The Devil Wears Prada, Torchwood).

SolarCat's Unemployment Fic Recs! )

There you have it--a small collection of recs, mostly for fandoms you probably didn't know I had. XD Happy reading, everyone!


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