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Hey, all! So, because I fail and stuff, I have extra tickets to several upcoming shows that may be of interest to people. I have the tickets in-hand, and I'm selling the spares for face value (listed); you can either meet me at the venue or I can try to mail them or something, but if I'm mailing them I'll need Paypal ahead of time. Otherwise, either Paypal or cash-at-the-door is fine.

SHOWS! \0/
(All tickets are General Admission/SRO. As far as I know they aren't actually sold out? But hey, you don't have to fight with Ticketmaster and/or Ticketweb, so that might be a bonus. *shrug*)

Travie McCoy with BlackCards, Donnis, XV, Bad Rabbits
Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA
All Ages
Tuesday, March 22. Doors open at 6pm, show at 6:30.
Tickets available: 2
Face value: $16.50 + $6.50 = $23.00
This also happens to be my birthday, so before the show you will find me at Sunset Cantina, just down the block, having a birthday dinner. Anyone who can read this is welcome to attend that, btw. <3

Patrick Stump
Great Scott, Allston MA
18+, ID required
Tuesday, April 5. 7pm.
Tickets available: 2
Face value: $20.00 + $4.13 = $24.00
really ticketweb? 13 cents? o_0?

My Chemical Romance
I've got two tickets to the House of Blues show in Boston, but I'm 99.9% sure these have already been claimed. However, I can't remember which of you claimed them (though I've got a mental list of likely suspects... <3 ). If you own one of these, please comment or email me or tweet at me or something so I don't have to go crazy wondering? TY! <3 <3 <3 I promise to write down your names this time!
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MiniMerlin Boston Carpool Folks!
We have directions (courtesy of Google Maps, with helpful assistance from Sister S.), and we will be picking [ profile] mirimeneume up about an hour after we leave Boston, with another 5 hours or so left to the journey after that. My father is picking up our tab for lunch, so yay! \0/
Your share of the car rental fee comes to about $27, but if you could throw in an extra $10 or $20 for gas, that would rock. ;D

MiniMerlin Roommate-type Folks!
(This would be [ profile] ocelotspots, [ profile] shinetheway and [ profile] gblvr, btw.)
As you should hopefully be aware, your share of the room is $75 each for the weekend! If you could have this in cash, that would be most excellent, as I will then be able to pay a lot of the room cost in cash and not have to put so much on my CC. =)

MiniMerlin Everyone!
Randomly, I don't think I ever mentioned that the hotel has an indoor pool and whirlpool (towels provided). So feel free to bring your suits if you like! (We can re-enact "The Gates of Avalon"! XD ) This isn't like, an activity or anything. I just realized I'd never mentioned it. XDDD

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