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Yes, I know, I am lame. I totally promised this ages ago, and it's not even going to be complete! Argh! Since I'm doing this at work, I can't add the bit about how to get those nifty little crown and shield icons for people ([ profile] solar_cat) and communities ([ profile] minimerlin). But I will post again and edit this with a link, or something, once I'm back on my beloved laptop. <3

So! MiniMerlin 2009! \0/

Thursday, Because That's When the Story Starts )

Friday, Which Was More Epic Than Expected! )

Saturday Night, MMC Presents: Fangirls Gone Wild! )

Sunday! Sunday! )

And Then We Ended up in Manhattan )

All in all? There were certainly some kinks that will need to be worked out for the next MMC, but we had a lot of fun! I'm really proud of how well it went, all things considered, particularly considering we had nearly 40 attendees (which is double what I originally thought the maximum would be!).

Special Thanks To: )

...I'm sure I'm forgetting someone who did something awesome. But really, a big thanks to everyone for being so great and so understanding and amazing to one another and to me--I really could not have pulled this off without everyone coming together and really wanting this to work. I honestly don't have words, so have a big *HUG* from me, and know that I appreciate every tiny little thing you guys did to help MMC '09 run smoothly.

I promise, MMC '10 will be even better! =D

Oh my god I just spent TWO HOURS writing this. 0_0
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Greetings, MiniMerliners!!! We can has Con Suite!! \0/

Come on up, we are in Room 208!

If you are not staying in the hotel, please CALL my cell (810) 964 - 6778 or the Con Suite (215) 496 - 3200 when you arrive! You need a room key for the elevator to go to the second floor, so someone will come down and get you!

Hotel Address, Just In Case )
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This is [ profile] solar_cat, on behalf of myself, [ profile] ocelotspots and [ profile] bewarethesmirk, signing off! We are headed to pick up our rental car now, and we will see you all at MiniMerlin 2009!! \0/

(Call me on my cell if you need me! Number provided in a previous MMC post!)
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MiniMerlin Boston Carpool Folks!
We have directions (courtesy of Google Maps, with helpful assistance from Sister S.), and we will be picking [ profile] mirimeneume up about an hour after we leave Boston, with another 5 hours or so left to the journey after that. My father is picking up our tab for lunch, so yay! \0/
Your share of the car rental fee comes to about $27, but if you could throw in an extra $10 or $20 for gas, that would rock. ;D

MiniMerlin Roommate-type Folks!
(This would be [ profile] ocelotspots, [ profile] shinetheway and [ profile] gblvr, btw.)
As you should hopefully be aware, your share of the room is $75 each for the weekend! If you could have this in cash, that would be most excellent, as I will then be able to pay a lot of the room cost in cash and not have to put so much on my CC. =)

MiniMerlin Everyone!
Randomly, I don't think I ever mentioned that the hotel has an indoor pool and whirlpool (towels provided). So feel free to bring your suits if you like! (We can re-enact "The Gates of Avalon"! XD ) This isn't like, an activity or anything. I just realized I'd never mentioned it. XDDD

Con Suite Food/Etc Listing Thingie )

Solarcat's To Do List )
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Yes, MiniMerliners, your coordinator procrastinates a lot! XD


The MiniMerlin 2009 Vid Show Needs Your Help!

Attendees (and anyone else reading this!), please link me to your favorite Merlin vids!

I've already got a lot, but please feel free to rec anything, even if you're sure that "everyone's already seen that one". My own vid preferences tend to skew dramatically Merlin/Arthur-ward, so any gen, het, femslash or other!slash vids would be great! Most of our attendees are Merlin/Arthur shippers, but this is meant to be a Merlin con, not a Merlin slash con, so representation of other ships would be nice to have!

If you'd like to rec a video, please use this form!
You are welcome to rec as many vids as you like! ^^

Vid Title:
Pairing/Characters: (if it's an ensemble vid, just say "ensemble" or "cast")
Link: (put the full URL to the vid download post/page here)

Feel free to add any comments you want to make about the vid, why you like it, etc. I'm going to assemble a vid show with a good mix of pairings, characters, genres and song types, at least as much as possible, so we don't get bored or hit a block of ridiculously angsty vids or something. Thusly, not every vid will necessarily be shown (though I'll probably have all of them on hand if a vid doesn't make it in but people want to see it anyway XDDD ).
If a vidder has said in their post that they don't want their vid shared in this manner, it will not be included. Vidder's will rules, y'all.
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Hello, my lovely MiniMerliners! \0/


We have only a week to go before our fantastic and wonderful mini-con kicks off, so it's time to sum up the details and put the finishing touches on this shebang!

First off, if you've missed any of the other MiniMerlin info posts, here's a handy quicklist:

Got all that? Great! Let's move on to the fine print, shall we? =3

How Can I Help?
Several of you have been so kind as to ask this question, and now is your time to shine! (Depending on your ability/availability!)

We need people to help us stock the con suite with munchies and beverages!
Philly natives would be very helpful here, but if anyone is driving in and can bring a flat of water bottles or a twelve pack of Coke or a bag of Tostitos or some Oreos or Chex Mix or apples or bagels or whatvever, that would be fantastic! But please refrain from bringing things that need to be refrigerated, unless you plan to bring the refrigerator! We are like Bradley--we are not allowed to have milk!

If you're interested, PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS POST with what you're thinking of bringing and an approximate budget. (Please don't buy anything until I give you the greenlight!! I don't want to show up at the con and realize that twenty people each brought $50 worth of junk food and we don't have enough in the budget to reimburse everyone!!)

Bring the receipts for whatever you buy with you to the con, and I'll reimburse you. I'd prefer to do this by check, since that provides a paper trail for anyone who ever questions the use of con funds, but if you prefer cash, just say so--I'll just make you sign a little piece of paper saying "SolarCat totes paid me $X for this stuff I brought to MiniMerlin" and we'll be good. (But do forewarn me, please! I don't really want to travel with hundreds of dollars in cash, so if you want cash reimbursement, please say so now so I can plan accordingly.)

We need a Vid Show!
Please go over to our Vid Show Post and link me to your favorite Merlin vids! I already have a LOT of Merlin vids for us to watch, the vast majority of which are Merlin/Arthur in nature. Do feel free to link to anything, but Gen, Femslash, Het and Other Slash vids aren't very well represented on the current list, and I'd love to have a few more for variety, if they're out there. <3

The Contact Info Cut )

The Big List of Attendees Cut )

Any Questions?
Please feel free to ask any remaining questions here! Otherwise, I can't wait to meet all of you! =D

*runs off to make that vid show post*
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Greetings, MiniMerlin-ers! I know that many of you were interested in information about parking in the area of the hotel, and my contact at the hotel was kind enough to provide it.

HOWEVER, these appear to all be garages/valet. If anyone local to Philly knows of reasonably-local places to park that are cheaper, PLEASE share the information!!

Here's what I've got:

Parking Rates )

The hotel valet parking rate is $35/day, for comparison (no oversized vehicles).

Again, Philly natives! If you know of cheaper parking alternatives (anyone got a driveway we can use? *lol*), please let us know!!
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ONE WEEK LEFT TO REGISTER, MY FRIENDS. So get your butts over to the registration post! XDDD (Just click the poster to get there! I made it that easy!)

<3 *chu!*
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graphic by the lovely [ profile] janicechess <3

Are you Registered for MiniMerlin? Have you read through the General Information? Do you need/want to arrange a carpool or rideshare from your area, or need/want to join in on one? This is the post for you!

Please use this post to organize carpools/ride shares to and from MiniMerlin (March 27-29, Philadelphia, PA).

To get you started, here are some useful websites:



Please feel free to suggest other websites/travel services!

If you're interested in carpooling, please put the word "carpool" and your approximate location in the SUBJECT LINE of your comment! This will help everyone find the information they're looking for.

Southeastern Attendees!
[ profile] ras_elased is helping out by helping to organize transport for you guys! See here:

Boston carpool! See my journal! \0/

Parking Information is HERE!
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(Please check out the General Information post, and ask your questions there! This post is for registration comments ONLY.)

graphic by the lovely [ profile] janicechess <3

Registration is now OPEN. Registration will CLOSE at 11:59pm EST on Friday, February 13. Registration has been extended; it will CLOSE at 12 Noon on Sunday, February 15th!
So tell all your friends, and get them over here before the registration cut-off! =D

MiniMerlin Registration Info! )

Any Questions? Please direct any questions my way, via the General Information post. This post is for Registration ONLY.
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graphic by the lovely [ profile] janicechess <3

Here are the basics!

General MiniMerlin Info & FAQs )


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