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Yes, I know, I am lame. I totally promised this ages ago, and it's not even going to be complete! Argh! Since I'm doing this at work, I can't add the bit about how to get those nifty little crown and shield icons for people ([ profile] solar_cat) and communities ([ profile] minimerlin). But I will post again and edit this with a link, or something, once I'm back on my beloved laptop. <3

So! MiniMerlin 2009! \0/

Thursday, Because That's When the Story Starts )

Friday, Which Was More Epic Than Expected! )

Saturday Night, MMC Presents: Fangirls Gone Wild! )

Sunday! Sunday! )

And Then We Ended up in Manhattan )

All in all? There were certainly some kinks that will need to be worked out for the next MMC, but we had a lot of fun! I'm really proud of how well it went, all things considered, particularly considering we had nearly 40 attendees (which is double what I originally thought the maximum would be!).

Special Thanks To: )

...I'm sure I'm forgetting someone who did something awesome. But really, a big thanks to everyone for being so great and so understanding and amazing to one another and to me--I really could not have pulled this off without everyone coming together and really wanting this to work. I honestly don't have words, so have a big *HUG* from me, and know that I appreciate every tiny little thing you guys did to help MMC '09 run smoothly.

I promise, MMC '10 will be even better! =D

Oh my god I just spent TWO HOURS writing this. 0_0
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So [ profile] supacat posted this very awesome essay on her experiences with flirting and sex in Japan.

Every manga I've ever read makes So. Much. More. Sense. Now. OMG. The showers!! The TUNA!! XDDD

Read it. It will open your eyes to all the things that never seemed kinky in manga before, and had you wondering what the hell the uke's problem was.

ETA: The entry in question has now been f-locked, but because I am sneaky and have Google-fu...

The Full Text of the Original Post )

Many thanks to [ profile] blakeley for being smart enough to copypasta instead of linking! *blows kisses*

Also, I realize that [ profile] supacat has her reasons for wanting this post f-locked, and I understand those reasons. But as a person who is an anime fan and an anime fic writer, as well as someone with an interest in Japanese culture as it really is, I think her essay is a truly valuable resource and that the information contained in it is important in that context.


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