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solarcat: (Gen -- Pants Down)

Cat Tales

SolarCat's Life, Fandoms, and General Randomness

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Created on 2009-04-15 02:29:06 (#63312), last updated 2018-12-03 (19 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
{My journal has been mostly f-locked. Just comment on the 'friends only' post if you want to be added. If we share a fandom or two, you're welcome to do so; I love having friends! I just like to know who can see my entries.}

Hi! I'm Frankie, AKA SolarCat, and I'm a fangirl. *waves*

I live in Boston in an apartment I share with [personal profile] zeenell.

My current obsessions are Bandom, specifically Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas (yes, as in the Jonas Brothers, you can shut up now), Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Merlin, but historically I've been in comics fandom (particularly Human Torch/Spiderman AKA Johnny/Peter fandom <3 ) and various anime fandoms. I also read extensively in a LOT of fandoms, but I don't write for 95% of them. (For some reason I seem incapable of writing popular pairings. RARE PAIRS FOREVER! \0/ ) Nevertheless, I'm always up for a good squee fest! =D

Slash is my anti-drug (or perhaps my drug of choice...?). So if teh buttsecks offends thee, you may wish to avoid hanging out on my journal.

This is the sort of thing I spend my time doing nowadays:


What people have to say about me:


My Real Life & Fannish Chatter Journal - You're on it! XD
My Fic Journal - [ profile] solarcat05
My LJ - [ profile] solar_cat




All icon credits are in the comments for each. If an icon has a "?" credit and you made it or know who did, please, PLEASE tell me so I can give proper credit!! The Brendon/Spencer macro was made by [personal profile] inkandchaos. The lovely Merlin/Arthur love bar was made by [personal profile] euraylie. ♥!!

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abjds, alan/billy, anderson cooper, angel coulby, apollo/midnighter, artemis fowl, arthur pendragon, arthur/merlin, asian ball-jointed dolls, axel/roxas, batslash, billy/teddy, bisexuality, bjds, blue collar comedy, boys kissing boys, bradley james, bravo tv, british punk rock, bruce/dick, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, captain jack harkness, carrot/angua, castiel, chris/vin, clark/lex, clex, colby/charlie, colin morgan, colin/bradley, crowley/aziraphale, csi, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dean/sam, death, death of rats, dick/roy, dick/tim, discworld, doctor who, doctor/rose/jack, dresden/marcone, due south, fake news, fandom, fanfiction, fantastic four, fiction, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, firefly, fraser/rayk, fresca, girls kissing girls, golden sun, good omens, grissom/sara, gwen/morgana, han/luke, harry potter, harry/draco, hogan's heroes, holly black, house, hpdm, human torch/spiderman, indian food, isaac/ivan, j2, jack/daniel, jack/ianto, jack/nine, jack/ten, jack/will, jamie/warren, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jim/blair, johnny/peter, jon stewart, jon/stephen, joukai, jurassic park 3, kaiba/jounouchi, kathy griffin, katie mcgrath, keith olbermann, keith/anderson, king giles, kingdom hearts, kyle xy, lazytown, leon/cloud, magnificent seven, mal/simon, marvel comics, mckay/sheppard, mcshep, merlin, merlin emrys, merlin's epic gay destiny, merlin/arthur, morgana/gwen, music with rocks in, neil gaiman, nick/greg, northstar/iceman, numb3rs, parrish/lorne, puppyshipping, pyramid head, rachel maddow, rahm emanuel, rictor/shatterstar, riku/sora, sam winchester, sbrl, seifer/squall, sephiroth/cloud, seto/joey, sg-1, sga, silent hill, sirius/remus, slash, slash dragon, smallville, spander, spiderman, spike/xander, star wars, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stephen colbert, supernatural, susan, susan sto helit, teh ghey!, temeraire, terry pratchett, the colbert report, the daily show, the dresden files, tim/kon, torchwood, vetinari/vimes, werewolves, wheat thins, wincest, writing, young avengers, yu gi oh!, yu-gi-oh
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