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SPN!Tour is a set of roadtrip itineraries based on the show "Supernatural," which airs on The CW. The main characters on the show, Sam and Dean Winchester, travel across the United States, seeking out and taking on demons, ghosts, and other dangers of the supernatural realm. Each itinerary was created with the goal of "making good time" -- you'll travel to multiple states, pull long days in the car, and spend the night in the cheapest motels you can find. The itinerary names come from songs released by the band Kansas, who gave us the ultimate Winchester anthem, "Carry On, Wayward Son." So grab some fans or friends, give the old Impala an oil change, and hit the road. And remember -- driver picks the music.
--From the brochure. Yes, we have a brochure.

You know you all want in on this, so head on over to [ profile] spntour and check it out! We will be leaving from Richardson, TX on December 27th (gathering on the 26th) and heading out for a two-week roadtrip across 9 states, hitting locations from 10 episodes of Supernatural, plus Lawrence, KS, and Roswell, NM (just for fun!) before landing back in Richardson on January 8th.

Our dream is to have multiple cars full of fangirls, traveling down the open road and communicating via an awesome walkie-talkie network, staying in cheap motels and eating crappy diner food and having a seriously cool adventure together. (Doesn't that sound awesome? Don't you want in on this? Yes, you do. Go to [ profile] spntour and join us!)

(Even if you can't join us, please consider spreading the word? We're really doing this by word-of-mouth, so if you have f-listers who might be interested, please let them know about us!)
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For anyone out there who likes pretty fanart, and who probably hasn't seen these...

You all need to go check out DYKC's gallery. For it contains pretty.

I discovered this while trying to find a PetShop of Horrors fanartist, and curious to see what else this person had drawn (I found them while searching PSoH, and if you go to their main gallery, there are a couple of gorgeous PSoH pics), I clicked the "Fanart for Series" section.

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(I swear I will write that post about my awesome weekend and how awesome it was. Just... later. This first!)

A geometry for spirits by [ profile] aesc
Castiel/Dean, PG13, spoilers for 4x16: On the Head of a Pin

Reasons for Rec are Kinda Spoilery, so Under the Cut )

Fic is here:

You read now. =3
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Here's the next big chunk of my SPN recs fest!

These are all Dean/Castiel, with a high chance of whumpage, fallen!Cas, h/c, angsty!Dean, and ridiculously hot angel-human sexxings. =3

Away we go!

I am NOT warning for spoilers, so assume that any of these fics may contain spoilers up through episode 4x14!

Dean/Castiel Recs! )

And, once again, to round it out, a vid rec! \0/

Title: Rescue
Vidder: castiel666 (does anyone know if this vidder is on LJ??)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Music: "Rescue" by Seabird
Warnings: *wibble*
Why the Rec?: I love this vid. There are a couple of moments that I don't like on a technical level, but overall? This turns me into a wibbly pile of Dean/Cas love (with a side order of Waaaaah! Sammy!! Dean!! ;_; , which is really par for the course, though). Just, YES. This is exactly it. <3
I found this vid on YouTube, and I have no idea if it is available elsewhere, so I am providing the YT link and I have also personally uploaded a .avi version for downloading. If anyone knows where this vid may be available from the original creator, please let me know! I did NOT make this vid, and I take no credit for it. I'm just uploading For Great Justice. ...And great Dean/Cas love. XD ) (watch in High Quality!! Do it!!)
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I've been bookmarking some things to rec, and it seems like a good time to do it!

Recs sorted by fandom, and then in an arbitrary order, otherwise known as "the order they show up in my bookmarks in".

Fandoms include Merlin, Supernatural, NCIS, The Dresden Files, and miscellaneous Yuletide recs.

Recs to Ring In the Year )


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