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So, apparently that other post really wasn't a hoax at all. It was a bit misinformed about some things (like the causes of the Strikethrough), but I'm glad I locked down the one offensive posts in my fic journal. Eesh.

Anyway, the Fandom Legions have mobilized in response to the mass deletions. There are a bunch of resources and people posting about this, but here's some good links: (NOTE: I'm kinda continuously updating this)

IMPORTANT: Be careful if you go to the "Warriors for Innocence" site. Apparently it's hitting everyone with a shit-ton of adware and spyware. There's a post here:
along with a bunch of other good stuff. Join the Jihad Against "Innocence"!
Stand Up and Be Counted! This is a non-posting community which was created solely to count the number of fannish journals on LJ. So go join, and add your journals to the count! (the whole point is to show exactly how much of LJ's population is, well, us)

READ THIS POST. [ profile] bookshop speaks great wisdom:
this person has been bookmarking all the LJ posts and such about this whole thing, as well as backup tools, etc. No repeat links.
Fandom Wank. You had to know they'd be talking about it.
this was set up on greatestjournal to discuss the issues going on here on LJ. Go get your icons, people! (And of course, discuss)
[ profile] liz_marcs has become something of a General to the massed Armies of Fandom.
a pretty complete list of all the banned/"permanently suspended" LJ accounts and communities, with additional debunked rumors and things.
a log of the Strikethrough, good links
what happened to [ profile] pornish_pixies

So yeah. I'm not going to attempt to explain the situation, since they all do a much better job of it than I ever could.

This will be my last public post for a while. I'll probably make some lovely little "friends only" banner and put a header post up later. Anyway, I'm retroactively friends-locking my journal. The fic journal will remain open, but I'm not risking this one.

Friends are always welcome!!! Go ahead and friend me if you want to, I have no objections to anyone doing so. There really isn't anything hugely impressive on this journal anyway, but it's sort of been the diary of "crap that was important to me", and I don't want to risk it being deleted for any reason. So, I'm taking it non-public. I hope everyone can understand my decision. As I've said, you don't really need to ask permission to friend me. Go for it. But you may want to comment so I notice, and can add you back. ^_^


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