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I have come to the sad realization that my WIPs folder really contains very little in the way of PWP and/or short-and-porny prompts/ideas/fics of any kind. As I procrastinate on my longer, plottier WIPs by writing porn, this is a PROBLEM, of the highest order. SO.

With this in mind; PROMPTS PLEASE? =D?

I'm mostly looking for Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, but y'all know basically what I write, I guess.

Also willing to write MCR, Panic!, etc (no Brendon/Ryan, thanks), and for those of you not even in western media, I feel like I could probably do Petshop of Horrors (WTF am I saying? I would LOVE to do Petshop of Horrors!) and maybe Gundam Wing or HikaGo? The usual pairings, you all know what's up. <3

Um. I should also say that I'm not guaranteeing fics for anything? I'm woefully bad at that. But I'm in serious need of prompts, so. NOW IS THE TIME, IF YOU EVER WANTED ME TO WRITE SOMETHING. >.>;;;
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So as many of you know, I work for a small publishing house. I come to you today with a question that is relevant to my work, and I ask that you please spread the link to anyone you know who would be able to weigh-in on this issue.

We recently positioned an upcoming middle-grade fiction title, the third in a series. As part of that meeting, we determine our cover concept. The cover concept for this title involves the main characters in a cafeteria setting at their junior high school. However, this is the first time all of the main characters have been featured on the cover. We're excited to finally be able to depict them on the cover, but we want to make sure we're doing it right.

So, I come to you today, LJ, to respectfully ask your opinions on a question of hair. One of the main characters of the series is a 12-year-old African-American girl, from a middle-class family living in the Midwest.

I will put it bluntly--our editorial staff is made up of Catholic nuns, none of whom are black, and white women. We have no practical knowledge of the style of hair this girl would be likely to have. We are aware that hair can be a highly-charged topic for African-Americans, and we are trying to determine (again, to put it bluntly) the safest option we have for this cover. While we realize that it is impossible to please everyone all the time, we're hoping that by doing some research and asking around, we can determine the hopefully least-offensive route to take, here. Everyone was very excited to finally have all the characters on the cover of the book, but we don't want to fuck it up.

We would be grateful for any input on this matter. (And I apologize if I've inadvertently phrased something poorly.)
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Yes, MiniMerliners, your coordinator procrastinates a lot! XD


The MiniMerlin 2009 Vid Show Needs Your Help!

Attendees (and anyone else reading this!), please link me to your favorite Merlin vids!

I've already got a lot, but please feel free to rec anything, even if you're sure that "everyone's already seen that one". My own vid preferences tend to skew dramatically Merlin/Arthur-ward, so any gen, het, femslash or other!slash vids would be great! Most of our attendees are Merlin/Arthur shippers, but this is meant to be a Merlin con, not a Merlin slash con, so representation of other ships would be nice to have!

If you'd like to rec a video, please use this form!
You are welcome to rec as many vids as you like! ^^

Vid Title:
Pairing/Characters: (if it's an ensemble vid, just say "ensemble" or "cast")
Link: (put the full URL to the vid download post/page here)

Feel free to add any comments you want to make about the vid, why you like it, etc. I'm going to assemble a vid show with a good mix of pairings, characters, genres and song types, at least as much as possible, so we don't get bored or hit a block of ridiculously angsty vids or something. Thusly, not every vid will necessarily be shown (though I'll probably have all of them on hand if a vid doesn't make it in but people want to see it anyway XDDD ).
If a vidder has said in their post that they don't want their vid shared in this manner, it will not be included. Vidder's will rules, y'all.


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