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Because Twitter was not the ideal environment for this sort of discussion topic...

Safe Sex & Porn

Readers, what is YOUR take on the topic of safe-sex practices in porn? (Fic porn, filmed porn, whatever.) Does it turn you on/off? What about a distinct LACK of safe-sex practices in your porn? Do you sit there thinking, No condom?? >:( or UNF. I WILL BE IN MY BUNK!? Are certain unsafe-sex practices kinks and others total turn-offs? Is it sexy when Character A says "I forgot the condoms" and Character B says "Do it anyway", or do you cringe and hit the back button?

LET US TALK ABOUT WHAT TURNS US ON. FOR ~*SCIENCE*~! (Or, y'know, just because it's fun. XD )

For my part, I think this is a definite kink of mine. I love barebacking in fic, and even in filmed porn (although if I sit back and THINK about it, I will be concerned for the safety of the actors involved). Real-life is much dicier for me; but this isn't about RL, this is about POOOOORN so I will leave those concerns aside.

I won't hit the back button either way--the condom isn't a turn-off for me in 99% of cases; the fics clearly written by younger people who have just discovered that some people think poorly of unsafe-sex fics and thus spend waaaaay too long lovingly describing all the ways in which Character A and Character B are being safe pretty much take me out of the story, because I C WHUT UR DOING THAR, AUTHOR. The rest of the time, as a reader I don't think about it much, except when the use or lack of safe-sex is used in such a way that it really affects HOW the characters are having sex.

As a writer, though, I do end up spending time thinking about whether or not the characters would do/not do certain things, and balancing that against the story I want to tell and the experience I want to give my readers. Hence this post! \0/

(Please feel free to discuss/debate/talk about your differing opinions. I trust you guys to respect each other, and each other's kinks! <3 )

ETA: Hi there, metafandomers! You're more than welcome to throw your two cents in! Additionally, this post is mirrored on LJ here, if you are interested in the comments there, or prefer commenting on LJ. <3
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