You For My Soul

Oct. 20th, 2014 08:26 am
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Sam wants something back from Cas and it's not his soul

Words: 262, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 27 of Spn drabbles/ficlets

Mark Reads ‘Wyrd Sisters': Part 6

Oct. 20th, 2014 12:00 pm
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the sixth part of Wyrd Sisters, Granny finds out she’s got visitors; Tomjon surprises his parents; King Verence plots; and Magrat has a strange interaction. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to read Discworld

Trigger Warning: For discussion of child abuse.

Yes yes yes.

Granny Weatherwax

I love seeing how all these pieces are coming together and giving me an idea of what might be happening here. I have to say “might” because I’m actually not going to pretend that I’m prepared. I’M NOT. But things are converging in fascinating ways, and I’m eager to see how they’ll eventually collide.

First things first, though: THE FOREST IS ALIVE. Literally! In more ways than one! The big reveal in the last section is made both creepier and funnier here, and I was immediately struck by how much this all reminded me of Rincewind. As Granny had to acknowledge that the forest – both as a sentient entity and as the collective of living creatures who inhabit it – are not going to leave her alone, she also has to cope with her own conscience. Initially, it’s very easy for her to refuse to get involved. It doesn’t matter that the animals of the forest turn her yard into a metterforical Noah’s Ark. She’s not going to budge for any reason:

“He is the new lord. This is his kingdom. I can’t go meddling. It’s not right to go meddling, on account of I can’t interfere with people ruling. It has to sort itself out, good or bad. Fundamental rule of magic, is that. You can’t go around ruling people with spells, because you’d have to use more and more spells all the time.”

I confess that after reading this part, I thought that Granny was making a good point! Shitty things happen sometimes, and you have to accept that you can’t change them. Except as the animals remained where they were, judging her silently with their judging eyes, even I had to accept that Granny’s defense of her inaction wasn’t all that strong. Like I said, it reminded me of Rincewind’s frequent refusal to get involved. Granted, I don’t think there are many similarities between the two characters. I mean, it’s not like Granny shies away from confrontation quite like Rincewind does. But Pratchett is a fan of slowly tearing away reluctance like this, and I love how he does that with Granny. She keeps telling herself that she can’t go around meddling, but I don’t think the forest is going to accept that from her.


OKAY WHAT. WHAT??? This is easily the most shocking development in this section, and I can offer up no explanation for it. We find out that while Tomjon has been unable to speak, he can… perform? I don’t know how to categorize this! He is learning things, as Mrs. Vitoller points out:

“He knows what things are. He does what he is told. I just wish you’d speak,” she said softly, patting the boy on the cheek.

So he understands language to some extent. So he’s a little shy or a slow learner. That’s in the realm of possibility! What’s not is Tomjon perfectly reciting a monologue from on of the troupe’s plays. No, not just perfectly reciting it, but performing it with perfect diction and delivery. It’s a flawless imitation of Vitoller, and Tomjon later perfectly imitates Willikins, too. Actually, that’s not quite correct, is it? Tomjon sounds better than Willikins, which… HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? What does this mean? Well, it clearly means he’s destined for a life on the stage. BRING IT ON.

King Verence

I LOVE ALL THE WORLDBUILDING HERE. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Of course a castle would be littered with ghosts, and of course the kitchen would be practically overflowing with the ghosts of the animals killed to feed decades of humans. I love that Verence largely just wants to avoid them all, which makes sense given his characterization. Like Granny, he’s a reluctant force in the story. He doesn’t want to be a ghost and he’s not trying to adapt to the life. Hell, he won’t even walk through walls, which I’d figure would be one of the best aspects of being a ghost. (A man has his dignity, though.) Instead, he channels all of his energy (literally so) into fulfilling two goals: get out of the castle and find his son, and getting revenge on Duke Felmet.

Oh, it’s a great set-up for his story, and IT ONLY GETS BETTER. Because GREEBO. Nanny Ogg’s precious cat (who I imagine as Colonel Meow, RIP) shows up at the castle to “pay his respects” to Lady Felmet’s cat (WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS), and King Verence’s months of planning comes to fruition. IT’S SO GREAT:

This was what he had been working on all these months. When he was alive he had always taken a lot of care of his body, and since being dead he had taken care to preserve its shape. It was too easy to let yourself go and become all fuzzy around the edges; there were ghosts in the castle who were mere pale blobs. But Verence had wielded iron self-control and exercised – well, had thought hard about exercise – and fairly bulged with spectral muscles. Months of pumping ectoplasm had left him in better shape than he had ever been apart from being dead.

Verence has learned how to interact with the physical world. Does that mean he’s graduated to a poltergeist??? THIS IS SO COOL, Y’ALL. Well, I imagine that he might regret capturing Greebo in a room because this is Greebo we’re talking about, y’all. Greebo does not fuck around.

The Fool

Holy uncomfortable.

I felt bad for the Fool prior to this, but it was sort of a general sympathy. But in this chapter, we learn just how miserable he is and how long he’s been miserable for:

He hadn’t asked to be a Fool, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he had, because he couldn’t recall anyone in his family ever listening to anything he said after Dad ran away.

The Fool got a life with his Grandad, a vicious and physically violent man who was prone to beating his grandson to guarantee that he’d be the perfect Fool. It’s sad and scary and explains why this Fool has reservations about revealing his lack of interest in being the court’s jokester. He’s got a history of being harmed whenever he expressed a desire to be different. So now he’s stuck being the perfect accompaniment to the king, all while unable to pursue his own desires:

And then he’d been sent to Ankh, and there, in the bare, severe rooms, he’d found there were books other than the great heavy brass-bound Monster Fun Book. There was a whole circular world out there, full of weird places and people doing interesting things….

Okay, well now I just want the Fool to get to live his own life! But before he can reminisce further on a life he doesn’t have, Magrat coincidently wanders into view. Of course, since the Fool has very specific views on witches (ones he passed along to Duke Felmet), he’s frightened of Magrat, which is ironic because she just wants to make a friend. Ugh, Magrat is so precious, y’all. SHE IS SO PRECIOUS. Please tell me there’s fanart based on this description of her:

It’s not much use being a witch unless you look like one. In her case this meant lots of silver jewelry with octograms, bats, spiders, dragons and other symbols of everyday mysticism; Magrat would have painted her fingernails black, except that she didn’t think she would be able to face Granny’s withering scorn.

She would adore Halloween, wouldn’t she? IT’S THE BEST HOLIDAY. Oh my god, y’all, Magrat is the best.

Mark Links Stuff

- Mark Does Stuff is on Facebook! I’ve got a community page up that I’m running. Guaranteed shenanigans!
– My older sister needs help with her transition, so I’ve agreed to read all of Fifty Shades of Grey on YouTube if we can help her reach her goal!
– If you would like to support this website and keep Mark Does Stuff running, I’ve put up a detailed post explaining how you can!
– Please check out the All Mark Watches videos for past shows/season are now archived there!
– I will be at quite a few conventions and will be hosting numerous events throughout 2014. Please check my Tour Dates/Appearances page often to see if I’m coming to your city! I have events in Reno in the next month, and more will be added soon!

Off the Island for Another Year

Oct. 20th, 2014 07:15 am
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It was a good workshop. ("No ER visits!" was our watchword, going in, and we met that goal.) Good students, good student work, and the Island weather gave us a little bit of everything: some coolish days, some warmish days, a day of grey rain and wind, and a starry night with glowing jellyfish.

I was somewhat startled, though, when I got asked to wrangle the workshop business meeting afterward. Apparently the job I did last year (when the meeting had some fairly fraught stuff to deal with) was good enough that everybody said, "Let's get Malkin to do it again!" or words to that effect.

I tell them that I approach the job like the Emperor Tiberius: "Let them hate me, so long as they fear me," but they all seem to think that I'm joking. But seriously, my goal with the business meeting is to get it done with as expeditiously as possible so we can all go out to dinner, and in pursuit of that goal, I am ruthless.

Dinner afterward is usually at The Wharf in Edgartown, a place I highly recommend. If you can spare the $45 bucks or so that it costs, their Lobster in the Rough is a dish that can in fact feed more than one person, or provide dinner and a full meal's worth of take-away for one. (Lobster, mussels, sausage, tomatoes, onions, mashed potatoes or rice -- I forget which -- served up in dish bigger than your head.) Well worth sitting through a business meeting for.

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Oct. 20th, 2014 05:51 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Ways To Give:

Anon linked to a fundraiser for Jennifer and her family, who are facing homelessness after their house was foreclosed on. They're raising $7K to find a new home and get moved in; you can read more and help them get shelter here.

[personal profile] secondsilk linked to Jez Pez, who is raising money for two transgender refugees in Victoria, Australia, with basic living expenses. You can read more about their plight and help them with basic necessities here.

[ profile] rurounihime linked to a fundraiser for Tashina and her family, who are living out of their car after several financial misfortunes; they're at the point where they're considering putting their kids into the foster system just to get a roof over their heads. You can read more and help them get housing and help for their kids here.

[personal profile] brainwane linked to Strange Horizons, an online nonprofit magazine which publishes speculative fiction by diverse authors and on diverse themes. Because they are no-ad, they're funded by donations, and they're in their yearly funding drive, trying to raise between $13.5K and $15K. You can read more about the magazine and support their work here.

[ profile] levynite's city, Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia, has been badly affected by Typhoon Vong Fong, and the local SPCA has been flooded out. The animals have been rescued, but they need funds to shelter the animals and to rebuild. Their facebook page has donation details, but the money transfers always incur an extra fee, so Levy is doing an informal collection; if you're interested in donating, contact levynite at and Levy will send you a paypal request (Paypal got...complicated).

Help For Free:

[ profile] donotlookatthedogpark is asking for askbox distractions this winter, as they work on their sobriety and deal with the depression winter's dark and cold can often bring on. You can read more and find a link to their askbox here.

[ profile] frenchroast has entered their cat Sherlock in the Publix Paws Photo contest that I mentioned last week, with the winner receiving free groceries from the store. Frenchroast is donating a portion of the prize, if they win, to a local rescue organization; you can vote for Sherlock here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form or via email at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!).

Various News Things

Oct. 20th, 2014 12:28 pm
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* A young resident from Soroka, graduate of a Jordanian medical school, packed up and went to join Daesh. He's not the first. All the folks at Soroka say is that he was an excellent doctor and a kind person and they refuse to talk about anything else. Link)

* The number of Israeli Arabs who packed up and went to Syria is unknown; families are mostly ashamed of it and try to hide it. The profile is fighting-age, single, observant; socioeconomics and education appear to not play a part. Interestingly, people from the community point fingers at half a dozen factors none of which have to do with Jewish Israeli society. This... is new. (Link)

* So supposedly (we all know that word) vegan soldiers get extra money to make up for food they have to buy because military kitchens are limited, and military kitchens are supposed to be adjusted to supplying protein for vegans. Vegan soldiers say that supposed is the name of a fish. This is the IDF so, y'know. If you're Field, you're not going to get enough to eat even if you're not vegan. (Link)

* Hanin Zoabi is filing legal measures to upturn her 6mo suspension from parliament... and also going on public record to say the IDF is worse than Daesh. (No really.)

* Haaretz have a big fat item about the tunnel situation in Gaza last summer. It's mostly nothing new, albeit very well-organized, but there's a paragraph in there that cracked me up. It's also... everything that's wrong with IDF doctrine, really. (Link)

* Here, have Tiberia yesterday: )

* So the avalanche/snowstorm in Nepal? We had relatively a large number of hikers there. Three killed, one missing presumed dead, at least 16 injured. (So that's Israelis making up nearly 10% of the casualties.) There was an awful lot of swearing going on around the medical team sent out there with special attention to the psych component, because those are in- or post-service hikers and that's... a special mess. (Link) (One of the three confirmed killed is Tamar Ariel, an observant woman and a female observant fighter jet pilot. She was there with a friend from her squadron - presumably another pilot - who survived. The woman who's missing? Lost a friend on this mountain in an avalanche 13 years ago. So yeah.)

* So a student at Goldsmith U in the UK said "You know, maybe we should do something for International Holocaust Day and for the Memorials for the Armenians and the Victims of Totalitarian Regimes." So this was voted down unanimously by every other student involved, led by a Muslim Arab woman, on claims of being ethnocentric, eurocentric and not in support of the Palestinian people.

Dear European Muslims,

I'm sure many of you are lovely people, but you need to do something about your assholes as they're loud and many and fucking terrible, and also y'know, if you don't speak up against them nobody's going to believe you don't identify with this shittery.


The Israeli

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Oct. 20th, 2014 02:01 am
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A while back I requested three weeks back to go to a friend's wedding. Very sadly, the wedding has been called off, so I won't be going to it or getting the attendant vacation on the east coast. However, although one co-worker let me have the shifts he agreed to cover back, the other had been counting on the money and in the name of amicable relations I let him keep them. Therefore I only work one day a week until November, and with school back in session that's more like six hours in the evening and an hour or two in the morning. My mini-vacation is refreshing and quite welcome, because I was getting a bit ragged there.

Today I went looking for a knitting needle and ended up completely cleaning out my bedside table. It's now far roomier, less dusty, and vaguely organized. I also found the knitting needle, as well as the quiver of DPNs that have been hiding from me since the move. It was one of those late-night ADHD moments that I've been trained to think are suboptimal by every study guide I've ever been given, where I count entirely on a whim to spark enthusiasm for an important task; but on the other hand it works and not very many other things do nowadays.

My mom commented the other day that I've been working forever with no payoff in sight, and that's absolutely true. Mary Pipher's Letters to a Young Therapist has resonated that statement all the way down to glum hunger, because she has almost exactly the life I want--six sessions a day at a clinic with colleagues, working with a diverse clientele of individuals and families, owns her own house, has a husband and kids and family, writes, supervises grad students, goes on little trips, does good work. It's funny that I come back to her because hers was the life I wanted when I was 13 and read Reviving Ophelia, and even though the intervening years have opened up many different potential careers, settings, and households, in many ways I still want the same thing. (Except I also want a farm.)

But for years all I wanted was income, which I have now, though not the amount I was hoping for. I've spent so long--it feels like one continuous push since I left childhood--and I got a little taste of what it was like to get there in the first two years of my Master's, and I could bear with money frustrations by saying when I get a job as a therapist, but now--

*glum sigh*

But cleaning out my bedside table meant I found even more cards from people. I keep the cards people send me, and display them on a little ledge on the wall above my bed, and they're immensely cheering--I think my favourites are the thank-you-and-goodbye card from the school I worked at, where every staff member left a personalized message, and the very long rambly ones that are absolutely filled with handwriting, mostly from fannish people. I found two fannish cards and the thank you card from my last internship, put them on the "paper to deal with" pile (my ledge is getting crowded and rather like a stack of dominoes, so I need a new system) and went up to shower with a smile on my face.

So I decided something, since I need a goal to work with. I still have those 12.5 dratted hours of internship left, and no idea of where I'm going to fill them. My plan, drawn up with the people at school, is to be done that internship by May 2015. So how I'm going to work to that goal is to start a list of potential internship sites, and research what I think are the absolute best places for me to work in Victoria. I have to approach the sites cold since my school's prearranged sites are mostly on the Mainland, and if I'm signing up for polite rebuffs they might as well be from someplace good. Then I'll do my best to network like hell during that internship, and see if that can't crack me in. You know, what an unpaid internship is supposed to do.

Which means hanging with my job even longer. I thought I would moan about that part more, but I've realized something about why I do it. It's got work I won't slack off on. My work ethic is terrible when it comes to things I find irrelevant, and in jobs where I know I'll have a lot of free time on my hands or the work isn't important, I struggle not to stay in bed when I wake up on a bad day. With things as bad as they currently are, I can see myself just failing to show up for a job as a cashier--Nope. Can't be arsed. Whereas with what I'm doing now? I need to be there. I'm working alone and there's no one to cover for me without a lot of fuss. And when I'm with the kids, I cannot help but give them everything I've got--sure, sometimes that is pretty tired and pathetic, but that's because my reserves are so low.

So I simply wouldn't get out of bed for a job that was less difficult. (Unless it was therapisting.)

I often wish I could be a different person, someone more trusting and expressive and dramatic and able to solicit help, but lately I've been toying with the thought that the things I'm annoyed with in myself now have been virtues in others, things like endurance and fortitude and resourcefulness. Maybe even independence. If they are, they feel like very lonely virtues.

Though now that I write them down, none of them seem incompatible with friendship or other ties. They might not even have been for me in practice. That's how I've always thought of them, though.


Oct. 20th, 2014 11:14 am
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I... think my car was broken into last night? I mean it must have?

Yesterday I parked just as a big rain storm was starting up, so I ran out of the car when it was raining, but then I turned back to MAKE SURE I locked it. I mean anything is possible, but IDK. I CHECKED THAT I'D LOCKED IT.

This morning I came to my car and the glove compartment was open, and the stuff that was in it was splayed on the passenger's seat (if the compartment had opened accidentally and things had spilled out they'd have gone to the floor) and the stuff that had been lying on the floor/on the seat next to the driver's were lying on the driver's seat. Namely, a pair of pink underwear that I had... lying somewhere in the car (that was not on a seat! Don't ask.) was neatly splayed out on the driver's seat.

I just... WHAT. Nothing was taken - I mean there was nothing valuable in the car anyway, but even the stuff from the glove compartment was intact. There was a speaker thing in there! They didn't even take that! Nothing else in the car had been touched, everything in the trunk was intact. None of the windows were broken or anything, the car started just fine. I... I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Apparently last night someone broke into my car, found a pair of my underwear and decided to put it on my seat. The disconcerting thing is that I had a name tag from work in the glove compartment, so they also saw my name + place of employment? It's a little hilarious and a little unspeakably creepy. I... just don't even know. I guess it's possible my stuff went topsy-turvy on its own, due to the intense storm. But even though trees and stuff were rattled, I don't really see my car being picked up from the ground and shaken around, which is the only thing that could have caused a pair of underwear to migrate from being crumpled on the floor or whatever to being nicely displayed on the next seat over?

It's possible that I didn't notice that the car was unlocked, I guess, and someone sought refuge from the rain in it? The passenger's side was the one close to the sidewalk, so there's that I guess? And maybe they rifled through my stuff and then politely... got up and left my car alone?

I just... what even. WHAT EVEN.

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Oct. 20th, 2014 10:02 am
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*squints at the OTW News blog* Hebrew? They got a a Hebrew translator now?

*clicks link*

…machine translation. Ran it by [personal profile] lovechilde and she agrees: the syntax and grammar are perfect, but there’s a particular wrong word that screams machine translator, and whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t actually use Hebrew and has no idea how it’s parsed by people who actually speak it in their daily lives.

(It’s extremely high-end machine translation but dude, I’ll be hugely surprised if a native Hebrew speaker signed off on this. It’s WEIRD.)


Oct. 20th, 2014 06:19 am
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Since it seemed to be a big success last year, why not try it again?

What is Yuleporn?
Basically, it's just a way for people interested in giving or recieving smutty fic for Yuletide to find each other, and for porn fans to find stories to read more easily when the archive opens.

How Do I Participate?

  • Indicate, somehow, that you're open to explicit fills for Yuletide. This can be in the optional details of your signup, or in your letter, or in a comment to this very post!
  • If you write something smutty for Yuletide, tag it "Yuleporn" so people can find it.
  • OPTIONAL: Make a comment to this post to advertise porny prompts in your letter, talk about your favorite kinks, add additional prompts, whatever you like!

    That's it!

    If you need inspiration (or want to knock out some last minute NYR fics), you can check out last year's Yuleporn post.

    Remember to be respectful of everybody's likes and dislikes, and happy smut-writing!

Daily Happiness

Oct. 19th, 2014 10:50 pm
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1. I did not sleep in this morning because I woke up super hungry and could not get back to sleep, but I did take a nap in the morning!

2. We went to Walmart and Fry's today. Haven't been to Fry's in ages, since we don't have a car anymore and I just feel like electronics stores are not as exciting as they once were, but it was fun to take a look around. And Walmart had (among other things) Crispix for under $3! That is my favorite cereal and it's usually $5 something at other stores and never goes on sale, but this was their regular price. Too bad we don't have a Walmart near us or I'd buy it all the time (as it is, I bought three boxes).

3. Alexander came over this evening and we started a Gravity Falls rewatch. He's only seen about half of season one, and rather than try to figure out where he'd left off, we just decided to start from the beginning. Irene had never seen it before and wasn't sure she'd like it or not, but she did, so yay. :D

MOD POST: Play ball!

Oct. 19th, 2014 11:26 pm
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[personal profile] sabinetzin in [community profile] intoabar
All assignments have been distributed, and posting is now open! You can post at any point between now and November 19. The community is on moderated posting; if you don't see your post appear within a day or so, please contact a mod.

Get out there and create!

Arrangements and Dusty Old Pages

Oct. 19th, 2014 11:02 pm
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A late birthday present for the lovely Nana, aka samforgiven on Tumblr. An amazing gal, who is also my beta for some things and vice versa; she's a really good friend of mine. My writing skills are rusty, but I hope you enjoy this, hon. And “this” is a Sastiel drabble with florist!Cas and librarian!Sam.

Words: 1348, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


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